FSX Aircraft
Download: 789v4nzx.zip (5625 KB)

Author: Camil Valiquette
Date: 30 Jun 2013
FSX Boeing 787-9, Air New Zealand, V4.
This CamSim version 4 features an improved aircraft wing root design, new wider pax doors with revised window shapes, additional animated air ducts, additional comm and satellite antennas, increasingly more Animated Ground Servicing, AGS, including additional animations featuring trucks hooking and unhooking trailers and static displays.

FS2004/FSX Aircraft
Download: american_airlines_boeing_777-200er_posky.zip (13789 KB)

Author: Juan Rodriguez, AeroSimulaciones
Date: 30 Jun 2013
FS2004/FSX Boeing 777-200ER, American Airlines.
American Airlines is a major U.S. airline and a subsidiary of AMR Corporation. It is headquartered in Fort Worth, adjacent to its largest hub at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. American Airlines operates an extensive international and domestic network, with scheduled flights throughout North America, the Caribbean, South America, Europe, and Asia/Pacific.

FSX Aircraft
Download: csnc_posky_b777-f1b.zip (20692 KB)

Author: Paul Craig
Date: 30 Jun 2013
FSX Boeing 777-F1B, China Southern Airlines Cargo.
Complete package for FSX only of the Project Open Sky B777-200LRF in China Southern Airlines Cargo livery, registration B-2081, cn 37313/888. Complete with POSKY Boeing 777 virtual cockpit.

FS2004/FSX Aircraft
Download: fairey_fantome.zip (8090 KB)

Author: A. F. Scrub
Date: 30 Jun 2013
FS2004/FSX Fairey Fantome biplane fighter.
The Fairey Fantome was without doubt one of the nicest looking interwar biplanes. It was designed by Fairey Aviation in response to a requirement from the Belgian Air Ministry in 1934 for an aircraft to replace the Fairey Firefly, then the standard fighter of the Aeronautique Militaire. Four examples were produced.

FSX Aircraft
Download: r3y.zip (8922 KB)

Author: Paul Clawson
Date: 30 Jun 2013
FSX Convair R3Y-1 "Tradewind".
The R3Y was a flying boat with four turboprop engines driving counter-rotating props. It first flew in 1954 and set several speed and endurance records. Problems with the engines led to the end of the program with only eleven being built. This is a native FSX Acceleration project. It has the usual animations plus a beaching gear. It has DXT5.DDS textures with a muted specular shine. The VC is based on photos and has a complete set of engine gauges at the flight engineer's station. The gauges all feature back-lighting.

FSX Aircraft
Download: ram_bos744v4.zip (22435 KB)

Author: Mohammed Al-Khalifa
Date: 30 Jun 2013
FSX Boeing 747-428, Royal Air Maroc.
Complete package of the B747-400 version 4 in Royal Air Maroc livery, registration CN-RGA. Comes with VC, 32 bit textures. Operation manual included.

FS2004/FSX Aircraft
Download: united_airlines_airbus_a320_pairbus.zip (8686 KB)

Author: Juan Rodriguez, AeroSimulaciones
Date: 30 Jun 2013
FS2004/FSX Airbus A-320, United Airlines.
United Airlines is a major U.S. airline and is also the world's largest airline in terms of number of destinations. United employs 86,852 people. It is a subsidiary of United Continental Holdings, Inc. formerly, UAL Corporation, with corporate headquarters in Chicago. United's largest hub is George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston. United is a founding member of the Star Alliance, the largest airline alliance in the world, and offers connections to over 1000 destinations in over 170 countries worldwide.

FS2004/FSX Aircraft
Download: american_737-800.zip (14671 KB)

Author: Daniel Alamilla
Date: 27 Jun 2013
FS2004/FSX Boeing 737-800, American Airlines, N979AN.
No additional comments.

FS2004/FSX Aircraft
Download: bgnl7474pw.zip (12527 KB)

Author: Aziz Polash
Date: 27 Jun 2013
FS2004/FSX Boeing 747-400, Biman Bangladesh Airlines.
Model features include fully animated control surfaces, fully independent suspension, main gear steering, trim animation, opening passenger doors, opening cargo doors, dynamic flexing wings, animated tilting bogies, rolling wheels, animated thrust reversers, fully reflective textures, each part has different degree of reflection based on material, accurate flight dynamics, accurate FDE with full profiles for wheels, tires, struts, leading/trialing struts, engine types; tested by real pilots, newly re-defined individual part damage profiles, accurate spoiler animation, detailed textures, full night lighting, visible landing lights from the cockpit, reflective cockpit windows, crash effects, transparent nav light lenses, newly re-defined individual part damage profiles.

FSX Scenery
Download: donegal-1.zip (11906 KB)

Author: Harry Patten
Date: 27 Jun 2013
FSX Donegal, Ireland.
A rendition of the Iris h airport of Donegal. Includes added runway textures, new terminal and control tower, static aircraft, in maintanence and getting ready for departure, car park with 3D cars and the surrounding road.

FSX Aircraft
Download: edgley_optica.zip (28430 KB)

Author: Craig Richardson & Pam Brooker
Date: 27 Jun 2013
FSX Edgley Optica.
The Optica, designed by John Edgley and built by Brooklands Aerospace, had an unusual configuration with a fully glazed forward cabin seating three across. Full animations, 3D gauges and baked textures.

FS2004 Aircraft
Download: pli_b742.zip (10740 KB)

Author: Xudeva Irribarra
Date: 27 Jun 2013
FS2004 Boeing 747-230B, AeroPeru.
A repaint for Project Open Sky B747-200 v4. Painted with AeroPeru's 1980s vintage livery, registered as N883KA; this is a fictional repaint. B742B model and effects are included.

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