Would you like to be part of FSDome.com?

Are you reliable enough to join our 'crew'?

Are you passionate about aviation & simulation?

Can you afford a small amount of your time to help promote our great hobby?

We welcome people able to contribute using their own initiative.

Here are our current requirements:

1. Server Admin. Know much about Unix based server admin? Not much time required but occasionally things go wrong or we need to add or upgrade an existing CGI/PHP program or make changes to the site server. Please contact us if you have the capacity to do this.

2. News Editor. If you feel you can gather Flight News - Real aviation or simulated aviation - please get in touch. The world is full of interesting events & developments which would be of interest to our users.

3. Reviewers. If you have a fav plane, scenery or anything to do with the FS world - please send your comments now. Full credit will be given. Just send your review in - no need to ask 1st!

What you get in return:

This has to be mentioned because many people ask this.

You will get credit. Regular contributors are added to the Crew list.

Your contribution will be read by 100,000's of individuals over time. FSDome.com has been built & driven by a passion for our hobby & that is our primary motivation. So too, it should be yours.

We do not/cannot pay for contributions at this time. FSDome.com is an independant, unfunded site - it is not an e-commerce site - it is an entertainment site providing free access & great free stuff for it's users. Much more than 100% revenue generated goes directly into site development. This site has so far cost a significant sum to develop. We may be able to pay in the future as technology & the Internet matures, or may not... . if you were interested - but for the time being Simviation exists to provide pleasure throughout our great hobby, add-ons, a hub for the world's best selling Flight Simulator & information for all aviation enthusiasts. We wish to continue to grow all areas & develop new areas.

Please do not offer to help without knowing what you'd like to do. We get 100's of 'offers for help' & the only ones who do help are those who know already what they can do. Any genuine contributor will know what he/she would like to do before offering.

Please send to FSDome.com Webmaster