FS2002 - Why do FS2002 planes have such trouble doing ILS landings, this was never a problem in FS2000?

This was caused by Microsoft redesigning the way aircraft work in 2002. Basically, the autopilot functions used to reside in a section of the .air file - in particular the airspeed control and ILS capture, both laterally and glideslope - which worked well in FS2000.

In 2002 these parameters have been moved to the aircraft.cfg, and while MS have a comprehensive SDK in beta, together with a fairly good Flight Dynamics Editor, it is pretty clear that something has gone astray in the default planes. Third party aircraft have been very hard hit and many users are experiencing huge problems with a variety of autopilot functions including ILS capture, dutch rolling and pitch anomolies.

The problem is that this won't be solved until either (1) Microsoft patch 2002 - and at the time of writing there is no hint of whether they are even considering this; or (2) the third-party developers get their heads around the SDKs - once they are released and fix the planes.


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