FS2002 - Why do the scenery textures look blurry?

The explanation for this is complex, but it depends on hardware settings for the video card and also on settings in FS2002, primarily the level of Bitmapping used. One possible cause is a mishap in the simulator settings: the "Aircraft Texture Size" slider in the Display settings seems to apply to the scenery textures as well - try dragging this slider to "Massive" if you are affected by blurring.

The "Aircraft Texture Size" slider does not affect terrain textures. It can affect scenery textures at settings lower than "high" (set at "High" FS2002 uses 512 x 512 texture sheet, the preferred size of autogen). "Medium" (256 x 256) will affect autogen textures, but no other scenery textures. "Small" (128 x 128) will affect most scenery textures to some degree.


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