FS2004 - Where did the config file go?

For Windows XP users the fs9.cfg file is now located in Drive_Letter:/Documents and Settings/User_Name/Application Data/Microsoft/FS9. This is a hidden folder by default so you need to modify the folder options via the control panel: go to the view tab and check the "Show hidden files and folders" option For Windows 9x users the fs9.cfg file is located in Drive_Letter:/WindowsApplicationData/Microsoft/FS9 Helpful tip from BrianC: Create a shortcut to fs9.cfg and place the shortcut on your desktop. Now you can quickly find it for editing without having to navigate to the buried folder. Alternatively, create a shortcut to the settings folder on your desktop. Note: The paths are given for the US version of Windows, localized version may vary according to their language. If you had manually moved the "my documents" folder by drag & drop or modifying its desktop shortcut FS2004 may not run as this is a "special folder" and its location needs to be configured instead of simply moving it around in Windows Explorer. To learn how to properly move this folder so applications can find it check Windows XP Help & Support on folder redirection, a quick way to do it is to right-click on the folder in the right pane of explorer or on the desktop, choose properties then the move button.


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