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Settings: Before you install your FS2000

1. Scandisk on your computer before download FS2000 (on your desk top click on start, programs Accessories, system tools, scandisk). When you have the scandisk window comes up make sure Check standard and at the bottom of it says automatically fix errors.

After first step, do disk defragmenter to you computer (on your desktop click on start, programs Accessories, system tools, disk defragmenter). Make sure you should do the your C drive.

Download your FS2000 make sure choose custom and do not check on adventure. Check on your side views only to your hard drive. Than any add-on such as your FS2000 patch II and anything you like to add, Fsnav new airplane, scenery etc. After that, start your FS2000 fly. Than Restart your computer do the same steps above, disk defragment your C drive again.

Now you are ready to start your FS2000 and setting.

Ones you start FS2000 first go to top, options, setting and display when window comes up change display setting to 800x600 16 or 640x480 16

Next step is image quality same window click on image quality, leave the over all image quality as custom.

You need to do texture quality as 1,
Terrain mesh complexity=50
Terrain texture detail distance=50
Land class complexity=normal
Maximum unlimited visibility to 60 mile
Next to it all boxes, make sure they are not checked
Aircraft shadows no check
Ground scenery shadows no check
Dawn/dusk texture smoothing no check
Smooth transition view no check
Image smoothing no check
Terrain transitions no check
Dynamic scenery no check
Same place scenery complexity must be sparse

Next go to top world and choose weather. Change your visibility to 10 miles. Note that if you are using squawkbox with update weather or other thins it is ok.

Next is, go to world again and choose scenery library, when window comes up in your right down Says cache, since you download your FS2000 to your hard drive change that to 500 not 50.

Next go to options again and choose settings sound since you did not download adventure, Uncheck the lessons/adventure and navigation sound.

Last you have to do is go to your C drive found where your FS2000 file is and click on FS2000.cfg
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\FS2000 when you click on FS2000.cfg file (like a note book file)

Should show this

IMAGE_QUALITY=1 change this to 0 (zero)

That is all and will not take any responsibility on this settings but I know sure, these setting are not going to screw your computer if you do it step by step.

Two ways to do this one on your keyboard alt+enter or choose view and full view Have a wonderful flight (think all those passengers you carry)


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