FS2002 - Installing aircraft:

Texture Only or Full Package

Adding aircraft to FS2002 can be tricky if you have never added one before. When you download an aircraft off the internet, you will be downloading either a 'Texture Only Package' or a 'Full Package?' 'Texture Only?' means that the only files that the package contains is the texture or 'paint' e.g. British Airways, Quantas, American Pacific ect. Because of this in order for the aircraft to work, you have to have the model. The expression 'Full Package' means that inside the zip folder or compressed folder there is everything that you need for the aircraft including the model e.g. Boeing 737-400, the texture, the panel and all other files required for the aircraft to work.

Adding Aircraft form 'Full Packages' downloads 

Adding aircraft from 'Full Packages' is Generally the easiest out of the two. Usually the package comes with specific instructions from the author of the aircraft regarding how to install it however usually with the majority of 'Full Package Aircraft' it is the same as the method below.

To install the aircraft:

  • Un-Zip the compressed file of which you downloadedUnzip the compressed file of which you dowenload
  • Next, Cut the files that you have un-zipped and paste them into the 'Aircraft' Folder of the 'FS2002' folder

Nothing else is required and the aircraft should now appear in the aircraft inventory of FS2002.


Always read the instructions provided with 'Full Package Aircraft' because installation instructions may vary with different aircraft. If the correct instructions are not followed then the aircraft may not appear in the aircraft inventory.

Adding Aircraft from 'Texture Only Packages'

1st Step: Adding the Textures

The files in 'Texture Only' packages can be in one of two formats. Inside the compressed file there may be one single folder containing all the four files that is needed in order for the textures to work. If this the case then

Change the 'X' or Number of the texture folder e.g. texture 4, texture 5 ect to number of your choice. (If the last texture inside the folder is 'texture 3' then most people edit there add-on texture folders name to the next number after this one e.g. 'texture 4' and so on. Cut and paste the texture depending on what type of aircraft the textures are for e.g 737-400, 747-400 ect and insert it into the correct folder

2nd Step: Editing

The image above is a picture of what is called a CFG file. A CFG file contains information about  each aircraft. There is one aircraft CFG file in every aircraft folder and CFG files are also used for scenery and many other things.


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