FS98 Essential Files & Patches


Installing aircraft, panels or sounds

FS2000 Essential Files & Patches

Speed up the performance


Simple aspects of FS2002 - How do I ....?

FS2002 Essential Files & Patches

Download: FS2002/FS2004 Airplane Installer, Version 3.7


Installing aircraft

Can I add visual damage effect to aircraft?

What is the default key to open/close aircraft doors?

How do I pushback from the gate?

Why does ATC stop when my flight reaches my cruise altitude?

How do you open the FS2002 aircraft to repaint them?

Why don't I see landing lights from the cockpit in some aircraft?

Why do FS2002 planes have such trouble doing ILS landings, this was never a problem in FS2000?

Why do the scenery textures look blurry?

How can I add traffic to smaller airports and new flightplans?

When turning off the autopilot it still controlls the speed?

Can I get a closer view of the AI traffic?

How can I add effects to add-on aircraft?


Installing aircraft for FS2004/FS2002 (Note: You can also you use the FS2002 help: Installing aircraft / Adding panels )

FS2004 Essential Files & Patches

Download: FS2002/FS2004 Airplane Installer, Version 3.7

How do I back-up from a gate?

How can I set ATC to only see the ATC window when messages require my response?

I have messed up the fs9.cfg file with your silly advice and did not make a back-up, do I need to re-install FS9?

Why is the water green sometimes?

Where did the config file go?

Where did gmax go?

How can I take a close look at the AI aircraft around me?

How do I disable the warning message on startup about non-compatible modules?

How many CDs are there and what is the program's size on the hard drive?

FS2004 crashes when I display the kneeboard (F10), what is happening?

FS2004 doesn't allow me to choose a higher screen resolution than 800*600, why?

I would like to browse the Learning Center without running FS, is it possible?

How can I change the way runway and approach lights look?

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