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MaxiVista® turns your Laptop into a Dual Monitor


MaxiVista® turns your Laptop into a Dual Monitor
Flight Simulation enthusiasts never can have enough viewing space to display all the window views, GPS, navigation or communication panels or flight maps.

Instead of purchasing expensive additional monitors and pricey multi-output VGA cards, a new software application MaxiVista now allows using up to three Laptops as additional multi monitors of your primary PC.

Even dated Windows 98 PCs can find a new and useful purpose as an additional monitor.

No additional hardware required

MaxiVista overcomes the limitation that computers do not have VGA inputs, and thus normally cannot be used as a monitor. The patent-pending software solution includes a virtual graphics adapter which fakes the primary PC into believing that there is an additional monitor display installed. The screen content of this extra display is transmitted to the secondary PC via a Wireless LAN or Ethernet connection.

Support of up to 12,800 x 1,200 pixels

MaxiVista can link up to four computers to create a giant workspace of up to 12,800x1,200 pixels screen resolution. Furthermore, the screen content of the primary PC can be mirrored to another PC screen via any network connection.

A multi-lingual 30 days trial version can be downloaded from The full version cost US$49.95.


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Posted by admin on 30 May 2006
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